Monday, 22 April 2013


Lots of unpacking to do, but as I had some scrap men in my garden after my scaffolding I thought I had better get out there and sort it.  Thank you so much Kizz and Fem for all their hard work and travelling over to Warrington just for me.  This scaffolding only just fitted on my patio at the flat, here it sits in a corner of my garden, I have so much more space and Dolly loves it.  Because the garden is bigger we have had to fasten the scaffolding to the wall to secure it, on the balcony it just slotted in so it wasn't a problem.
 Stage one, scaffolding in place.

Stage two, bush cut right back as its rooted into the ground and cannot be moved... one curtain up.  I will not put the rest up yet as its too windy. The walls will be repainted and hopefully a couple of murals to give some depth.  Also, when the wind has died down I can put my lacy canopy over it and get my little table and chairs out.  A few hanging baskets and its done.

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