Monday, 6 May 2013

What a beautiful day

As it is such a lovely day I decided to make the most of it and clear some more of my garden/yard.  It is so hot, poor Dolly has come inside to lay on the cool floor. I have done all the digging and clearing using the spade in the picture, yes that and a small hand fork are the sum total of my gardening equipment.
 This is work in progress showing my tiny spade.
 The bottom corner of my garden under the gazebo/arbour thingy, nearly all cleared now. I want to paint the walls at some point, when I have the time and I have finished sorting inside.
 My small flower bed, most of my lilies have been saved and are sprouting.
Believe it or not I have planted 50 bulbs in this small plot, along with some strawberries and pansies from my old hanging baskets.
I want to get some nice baskets this year to decorate my arbour and some additional shading along the top walls so I don't have to look at the backs of houses and Lever Brothers works.

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Blevopedia said...

Wow, nice garden