Saturday, 27 June 2015

Ivy Nightmare

 Spent the day hacking at the ivy and removing the snowberry, I have a nice pile in the garden, ready to shred when its dry/dead.

 Closer you can see its nice and clear at the back.
 I think I have done well. Its a scorcher today, but down the bottom in the shade of the trees its okay,  In the sun its too hot to work.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Some of my plants and flowers.

Just a selection of some of my flowering plants.

Not a plant but a seven spot ladybird :)

Front Garden

The front garden, is small and consists of two triangles, hazard of being in a corner. It looked nice in the winter snow.
 My neighbour cut the grass for me, rather he shaved it off. I cannot believe it took him two and a half hours.
 I have started planting in the front. Put in a little weeping tree.
I want the front to be a cottage garden, so there will be little or no grass, just lots of large plants with flowers for the birds and bees.

Garden Update

I have cleared the bins and rubbish and this makes a lovely seating area for the morning and afternoon sun.  Once my shed roof is fixed I will paint it white and put my arbour up.
 Its nice having breakfast in the sun.

I am not allowed a pond so I have cleared the rubbish and put my pond liner here. I have stacked it with logs and plants so its a haven for bugs and nature. Nice and cool underneath for the frogs and toads when they come back.

I have put some bamboo fencing in the far corner, I can't get there to put plants in and I don't want soil against my shed. It also gives anything that falls in a chance to climb out. The small birds like to sit there which is nice.
 I have cornered off the side so its a nice small patio area.  It was an attempt to stop the dog barking at the people coming and going at the bottom house, but it didn't really work. She just gives up after a while.

This is from the bottom of the garden looking back.

 I have been working in the front and back too.  More to follow.


Its so nice to walk Dolly round the village. This garden reminds me of my mum.  Mum had geese and they were always escaping onto the local playing fields. I would go to work in the morning and have to round up the geese first.
The village has what used to be two private chapels, one for each lord of the manor. This one is currently used.  Our vicar has just moved on no now we are vicar-less and only have the one Sunday service. No more evening song service.

This is the other private chapel, and still remains a private chapel for the family.  I am hoping one day to get the chance to look inside. Great photo from my phone with my finger lol.

Finally, my new garden. This is the back which is a nice size. The soil is very poor, mainly stone and clay, but hey ho we will see what we can do.  Its south facing and gets the sun all day. When we have sun that is.

This is the side by the back door, a bit of a dumping ground at the moment,

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

I have moved - again!

I have moved again, hopefully this is my final move.  I have managed to get an old persons bungalow in a beautiful little village.  Only downside, there is nothing here, no shops, no pub, nothing but a church, an infants school and a golf course.
The good thing with the golf course is a small wood where I can walk with Dolly, the rest of the golf course is out of bounds but I still walk on there when nobody is playing. There is also another wood nearby, called Spud Wood which is a dog walkers paradise.
I will have to get some pictures sorted and will update asap.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Trouble with blog....

I haven't been able to log onto my blog for a while. It seems however that I can from this old laptop, so I can start updating everything.  Its just a pain having to load pictures onto one pc, save to external hard drive and then upload on here.  Still needs must.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

My Little Garden

I may not have much of a garden, but its looking lovely with all the flowers this year.  I was thrilled to see butterfly's too, the first ones I have seen this year.  Usually there are lots in the park but as its been decimated this year there are none and no bees there either!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday Afternoon in the Park.

Every afternoon or early evening Dolly meets her friends in the park.  They get on great together and all play nicely. Oscar and Dolly are both Shitzu's, Lilly is a pug, Bella a Cockapoo, Max a Jack Russel and Tyler a Bull Mastif!
Left to right - Oscar, Dolly and Tyler.

Tug of War with a scarf.
Left to right Max, Oscar, Lilly and Bella.

Oscar chooses a moment with Dolly much to Lillys annoyance.

A different itch to scratch.

Max after the squeaky ball.

Dolly after something in the bag.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

What is our local council doing?

Last Summer the park was lovely, apart from the old tea shop which is waiting to be 'mended' the park was beautiful.  Lots of nice trees, bushes and flowers.

Then came autumn, first they cut all the flowers down, just as the seed heads were coming out.  Then they cut down a lot of trees at the back of the park, healthy trees.  Now they have chopped more down, removed an old hedge which made a lovely wind break.  The flower beds have gone along with lots more trees.

They say they are improving the park, putting in a great big circular path and a festival area!!  They have already carved up half of Queen Gardens to make a coach park for the theatre.  We want grass, trees, flowers; birds and bees.  Not another area that just destroys the gardens and is only used on odd days throughout the year.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The summer is nearly over and we have been deluged with rain. My garden is green, mainly with weeds growing in the patio area lol.  Even my pond water is green!  All my plants are healthy and that's the main thing, so they will come back again next year.  Lots of weeding to do now.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Here comes summer

Summer is well and truly here, its been so hot I haven't been able to take Dolly our in the day.  My little yard is a mass of green and flowers.  I have a couple of daisies which I got from my friends garden.
 When I was moving in the winter, my son in law who very kindly helped me, started to empty all my pots into the bin stating they were only full of dirt.  I didn't know this until empty pots arrived instead of full ones.  I was gutted, I lost a lot of my bulbs, however I did just manage to catch him in time to save my lilies.

 This poor little bud is from my fuchsia, it was about two foot tall but to him it was just a twig in a pot and he snapped it off and was just about to bin the pot too.  I am relieved it has survived and although its tiny its in bud.
 A new one from this year, I have two just coming into flower.
I miss my garden so much, although I have a little yard you cannot actually see anything unless you go outside, you cannot see it from the windows.  The kitchen window is too high so I only see the top of the wall.  I am grateful for the little I have, thank you.