Saturday, 15 March 2014

What is our local council doing?

Last Summer the park was lovely, apart from the old tea shop which is waiting to be 'mended' the park was beautiful.  Lots of nice trees, bushes and flowers.

Then came autumn, first they cut all the flowers down, just as the seed heads were coming out.  Then they cut down a lot of trees at the back of the park, healthy trees.  Now they have chopped more down, removed an old hedge which made a lovely wind break.  The flower beds have gone along with lots more trees.

They say they are improving the park, putting in a great big circular path and a festival area!!  They have already carved up half of Queen Gardens to make a coach park for the theatre.  We want grass, trees, flowers; birds and bees.  Not another area that just destroys the gardens and is only used on odd days throughout the year.

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