Sunday, 10 March 2013

Stress no, don't be daft....

I am moving house, I have handed in my notice to quit my current property, raised the funds required for my new deposit and started packing.  All the checks etc for the tennancy application have been completed and are fine.  I received a copy of my contract prior to signing.  I should be signing it on Wednesday when I pick up the keys.   I stressed when I went to view the property that I have a dog, I said the garden would be good as its all flagged so great for the dog to run around and easy to clean up after her.  I confirmed I could decorate to my taste (its got black wallpaper etc at the moment).  I also confirmed I could have the dirty old cooker disconnected and my own installed (which I have just purchased purely for this new house).  The property is shabby and needs a lot of cleaning and love, the carpets upstairs are stained, but I can replace them.  Downstairs its wood and lino which is fine.
Reading my contract it states:
I have to have a tv licence, but cannot erect an aerial.
I have to repair pet stains on the grass and cut the lawn regularly.
The tenant is not allowed to paint or decorate any part of the property.
The tenant is not allowed to remove or replace any electrical or gas fittings.
The tenant is not allowed to fix anything to the walls using screws, blue tac, picture hooks etc.
Not allowed to play or use radio, cd, television or make any noise between the hours of 11pm and 7am.
Pet agreement states:
I can allow my shitzu to live there however: 
I must use a litter tray.
The dog must be kept caged in the house.
The dog is not allowed upstairs and a gate must be erected (without using any fixings) at the bottom of the stairs to prevent access.
Cannot be fed inside the property.
The dog cannot access the garden unless it is on a lead and cannot be tied up outside.
The dog is not allowed foul the garden, even if it is then cleaned.
At the end of the tennancy all the upstairs carpets must be professionally cleaned or replaced with new.

What a loat of bull!!  Dolly sleeps on my bed where I feel safe.  I could understand some of it if the property was new or just refurbished, but its a dirty dishevelled uncared for house!  Unless they rewrite the contract, I will not be moving there and as I have put in my notice here, I will be homeless!

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