Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vertigo is a nightmare

I have never had vertigo last so long.  I eventually went to the doctors yesterday as I fell over twice; once crossing the main road, which could have been really serious.  I now have some medication and its a little better today, fingers crossed it clears up.
I just want to start packing and clear the house ready to move.  We have just had a couple of lovely days weather wise, but today its back to rain.   I don't like walking Dolly in the rain as she gets so filthy and has to have a bath when we get home.  The floot and bathroom end up muddy and its a continous cycle.....

To add to my collection I have a budgie.  The pet shop under my flat has closed down and the owner just wanted to get rid of this little boy.  He said its an old bird that nobody would want!  Just shows what he knows, its a young bird thats just had its first moult.  I am trying to teach it to say 'hello gorgeous' to me. But everytime I talk to him, Dolly get jealous and starts barking.

 I crochet while I watch tv in the evenings and I am slowly building up a collection of motifs, which hopefully will eventually become a blanket. (colour is not great on the photograph)

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