Sunday, 8 August 2010

A Day in the Life

Its the 8th August today and would be mum's birthday if she was still alive. Wish I could turn back the clock, what I would give for one of mum's hugs today.
Anyway, life goes on....I have a new job which I've had since October, I work on my own and can more of less choose my own hours as long as the work gets done.....that's the hard bit, getting it done. I just manage to get on top of everything and we get a month end, so I have to do all my reports and bingo....behind again. After work I tend to go over to the studio, relax and do a bit of my own work. I have been working on an installation for the exhibition in Warrington next year, to celebrate Warrington's Industrial past of Wire and Cotton, was trundling along nicely until somebody trashed it! So, I have started again. We now have CCTV installed inside the studios as well as outside so it shouldn't happen again. There is a large open hall with the studio's off to one side, most of the big work is done in the hall, which, when people are in the studios, is open to anybody who comes in.
Its then off home for dinner and upstairs on my pc to play WOW (World of Warcraft). I find it quite amazing that thousands of people play yet I hardly ever speak to anyone, the most I say is thanks and bye after a dungeon. I love Wintergrasp, its such fun. It suddenly dawned on me last week that I do everything on my own and as I haven't had a mobile phone for ages hardly speak to anyone these days. My saving grace is my best friend, Shirley. Thanks Shirl, you keep me sane - lol.
I will make more effort to keep my blogs up to date, especially with bits I am working on at the studio.,


Tany said...

I was just passing by and thought I'd say that I enjoyed your blog very much!
You're very talented!

Mary Andrews said...

Thank you so much,I am glad you like it. I should write more often.

Cucipata said...

It probably smells much better with the Cannabis factory gone, too... Haha