Sunday, 8 August 2010

Studio Update

As I seem to live more and more at my studio and my work is changing thought you might like an update.
I picked up this metal shelving for a song in a bric a brac store, its great for my weaving's and for hanging my gift tags on. Fits neatly behind my sofa.
View from my sofa, where I sit to do any hand stitching, reading etc, also now have video and dvd's to watch.
My working end, starts to get very scruffy. Boxes of wire, tools and papers. I tend to kneel on the floor when working here as its usually with a hot iron, poker or other electronic gizmo's! As you can see my bike doesn't go anywhere these days, now attached for indoor riding, but its so noisy it hardly gets used.
Hung a couple of my weaving's, this hides my scruffy area when anybody looks in the door.
View from the door, difficult to see anything as it into the light.
One side of my worktable, with the back of a hanging where I put postcards.
Part of my table where I sit and tend to do most of my work.

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