Sunday, 7 November 2010

Busy Weekend

Had a very busy weekend at the studio while I get my self sorted! I have been distracted lately and started to lose my way a bit. Also the police found a cannabis factory underneath my studio which they raided and we got the pleasure of an invasion of mice!!
I have cleaned my studio, cleared the rubbish and organised some storage. No mice now. I managed to get a bunk bed off the notice board at work, its a single with desk underneath, ideal for current storage and a work place. I have also managed to get my small pc desk underneath as well. Its good as I can do some research when I need to or check emails.
Just have to remember not to stand up underneath - lol.
I have also got rid of the massive table I had, I have a smaller one now that is just for my machines, I have them set up so can just sew when I need to without having to keep getting them out and putting them away. This is the view into the room from the window end. You can also see I have put some scaffolding up on the beams, for storage of stuff I won't be needing for a while. (bubble wrap and some materials etc).
Finally this is the view from the door, you can just make out my easel in the distance by the window, and behind the radiator on the right my snakes.
Next job is to sort my workbooks out and keep my inspiration stuff together. I will update you on my latest project over the next few days.


Susan said...

Hmm, sounds like you had a plan and pretty much stuck with it and got yourself organized a bit. That can't be easy. Thanks for sharing.

Mandy said...

I like the bunk bed idea. :)