Monday, 3 August 2009

Dark Peak

Sunday and our last day, the weather was much nicer, warm and sunny with a cooling breeze. This time we walked along the dark peak, a much easier walk, after the initial climb it was relative flat. We were walking along a rocky outcrop which had these circular holes cut in them, each one numbered. We couldn't work out what they were for, I think it must be climbing/abseiling points.
A nice spot for a rest and a quick bite to eat.
The views along the ridge were stunning, especially as today we could see them. Also because it was a nice day, it was really busy with rock climbers and abseilers.
I believe this place is so popular as it's only half an hour from Manchester and about the same from Sheffield. Also as you can see in this picture, the road is quite close so you don't have far to carry your stuff if you just want to spend the day climbing.
Our girls climbed here and abseiled down. It was interesting looking at other more experienced climbers. This guy under the overhang actually fell off twice, he was connected to another climber, so as he fell the other guy counter balanced him and they sort of swung around together.
This guy was like a spider, he just kept climbing up and down all over the place, and seemed to pick the harder routes. He didn't have any climbing equipment at all, just a little bag of powder on his belt.
I had a great weekend thanks to The Camp and I am looking forward to more.

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