Monday, 3 August 2009

The Cave

We ended the day with a visit to a cave. This was not a commercial cave, but a completely natural one. No lights or ropes inside. I was really apprehensive, it's just not my cup of tea at all, but I said I would give it a go.
You go inside walking through running water, which comes over the top of your boots, so wet feet! At times the ceiling is so low you have to crouch right down, the entrance goes down so you are going lower and lower underground, there comes a side tunnel which we went down.
It comes out into this chamber, which is so noisy with water running down one wall.
Apparently when the cave was first found they would sleep there overnight. How I have no idea it was wet and you couldn't hear yourself speak!
We went along another tunnel to another large chamber, very high but not very wide, but deadly silent. The water that runs down the rocks leaves deposits on the limestone which turns solid and had lovely patterns.
There are piles of deposits on the floor which look lovely. We stopped in this last cavern and turned out lights off. It was so black you couldn't see your fingers in front of your eyes. And it was so quiet, it was really scary. We eventually put our lights back on. There was another small tunnel that leads to a large drop where you cannot see the bottom of the cave, there was a rope as somebody was still down there. We passed a few people coming out who were in full yellow suits who had been down the bottom of that pit. Personally I couldn't wait to get out, I prefer the daylight thank you.
It was very interesting and I am glad I did it. It was an experience, one which I will not repeat.

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