Monday, 3 August 2009

White Peak

Got together with a group of girls from the camp and had a weekend away, walking in the Peak District. Saturday started off a bit damp and drizzly, but it was pleasant. Beautiful scenery to walk through. We set off from base at 9am with our pack lunches and our guide.
The start was not too bad, but then we had quite a climb, over rocks and running water.
When we reached the plateau, we were up in the clouds, or rather the clouds had come down, it wasn't really raining just the damp of the clouds. At times you could just about see the person in front.
There are some steep gully's to climb over, and parts where the rain had washed the path away completely. You sank up to your knees in bog if you weren't careful.

We met a lot of other people walking, it surprised me how many were there on such a damp dismal day. We came across a group of three girls, who had directions, but no map or compass, they wanted to know which way was east. Thankfully I had a compass and was able to direct them, but I thought how silly they were. The Peak District has the highest rate of call outs for mountain rescue in the whole of the UK. I would have thought it was Scotland, but its not. I think people just think they can't get lost, but they can easily. It's a dangerous place with bogs and steep gully's, if you were to get lost and it got dark it could be fatal. We were sensible, we had an experienced guide who not only had walked this route on many occasions, but he still carried a map, compass and survival kit, just in case.

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