Sunday, 9 October 2011

Warrington Art Festival

The studio's are open as part of Warrington Art Festival.  Although I say studios, in fact there is only me, I am the only resident artist who actually uses the studio to work and exhibit.  The main area of the large hall is taken up with other artists work which is on display free of charge. It was originally agreed that you would have to rent a studio to exhibit, that is obviously not the case now as every tom, dick or harry can display free.  I have never ever in all my years found anywhere that lets you exhibit free of charge. 
All my paintings that are on display -in my studio- are reduced as I am giving up painting, not completely but not on such large canvas's.  I am concentrating on my textile art which starts mainly on paper and my bags which are doing really well.  My bags will be on display at the open studio events.  I cannot do textile work at the studio as the darn mice keep eating my fibres, which is no joke.  They have ruined some of my best wools and cottons.
So, come along and listen to ABBA which is nice and uplifting and view my work and, if you feel inclined, make a purchase.  Lots of sale including key rings, postcards, gift tags, bags and paintings.

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