Sunday, 11 September 2011

Craft Fair at the Lowry

I went to this craft fair this morning to check it out with a view to possibly joining the circuit. What a disappointment! When I contacted about getting a stall, the lady said I had to be vetted along with my products. They have to be hand made, original and she doesn't want too many of the same people present. So, I was expecting good quality crafts. Nearly every stall, which was just scattered about the shopping centre, had bought in stuff. There were a couple of people who were making their own cards, several 'stone' people, who buy stones and make jewellery, a stall with Russian dolls, a photographer (not sure they were his own photographs) and a lady with knitting wool, needles, patterns and terrible Christmas stockings!! It looked more like a school fete.
I was there and back, including coffee and cake in under an hour! I will definitely be crossing them off my list.


Holly said...

I hate going to bad craft shows! There are so many neat handmade things out there, I just wish fairs like this would get a clue.

Helena said...

What a cheek! Maybe she had put off all the good people by snootily saying they had to be vetted!!