Saturday, 9 April 2011

Zoot Scoot Egg Run

Today was the annual Zoot Scoot Egg Run when all the scooter owners in the North West get together and take Easter Eggs to the Children's Hospital. The Warrington Scooter Club sets off from Zoot Scoot. (photos are not cropped or touched up so all the other rubbish is visible).All these are Italian Lamberetta's.

Love this one with the engine exposed.
This is an original 1950's and worth about 8k !!


Steve Julian said...

those are nice scooters. around here, they are not common. although with fuel prices going up we are starting to see some shops and people using them in the city. i doubt you will see them in the country. people are so used to big cars and trucks out here.

essle said...

#3 looks nice others are ordinary like old fashion.
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shahanara said...
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Studio One Designs Pvt. Ltd. said...

Lamberettas somehow always take one down memory lane. Even though I have never owned one, but somehow they have a very romantic feel even for me. They are part of so many romantic bollywood numbers.

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myrtle said...

WoW! those are such a cute scooters.=D
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