Friday, 13 June 2008

Weave one keep one

While doing my tidy up and going through old boxes and bags of stuff, I came across some old weaves, the first two I did while I was working on my degree, I think they are two early weaves from the hand loom while I was learning. I am just wondering what I could do with them.

These second two were woven on a rug loom which I purchased when I left university. Unfortunately I didn't have enough room at home, so my older sister let me store it at her bungalow. It was a long trip just to weave and I did do quite a bit, but in the end I had to sell it and my sister moved to a smaller bungalow with her partner.
I think I can turn the first one into a hanging, if you turn it you can see a landscape in it, so food for thought.
This bright one, I think the bathroom floor for this one, but I might mess about with the embellisher on it. In fact that seems more fun, so the embellisher it is - lol.

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Its very cool

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