Saturday, 14 June 2008

All is Rosey in the Garden

I have had a busy day today, done a little more work on my fabric postcard. Started 15 ACEO/ATC's. I had already primed them, so started the designs. Due to my love of reflections, they are windows. Hopefully, I will have them finished to put up tomorrow. I have actually been working for 7 hours, doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself. Unfortunately, I have to go to work soon (paid employment), despite all the work I have done there is nothing to put up yet. So, I decided to show my roses as I can see them from my workroom. I forgot to prune them at the end of last year and left them alone this year, consequently they have grown really high and are blooming in the tree tops. I only have three, a pink, red and yellow. The yellow really has exquisite perfume and as its by the footpath its a pleasure for anyone walking past. As for their names, I have had them for years and now I have no idea!

My one and only poppy is also in bloom, its just beautiful.

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