Saturday, 3 August 2013

Here comes summer

Summer is well and truly here, its been so hot I haven't been able to take Dolly our in the day.  My little yard is a mass of green and flowers.  I have a couple of daisies which I got from my friends garden.
 When I was moving in the winter, my son in law who very kindly helped me, started to empty all my pots into the bin stating they were only full of dirt.  I didn't know this until empty pots arrived instead of full ones.  I was gutted, I lost a lot of my bulbs, however I did just manage to catch him in time to save my lilies.

 This poor little bud is from my fuchsia, it was about two foot tall but to him it was just a twig in a pot and he snapped it off and was just about to bin the pot too.  I am relieved it has survived and although its tiny its in bud.
 A new one from this year, I have two just coming into flower.
I miss my garden so much, although I have a little yard you cannot actually see anything unless you go outside, you cannot see it from the windows.  The kitchen window is too high so I only see the top of the wall.  I am grateful for the little I have, thank you.


Michelle Gold said...

Have a great Summer)
Nice post. Keep it up)

Waverly said...

Your flowers are gourgeous, incredible, i love them!!