Thursday, 25 October 2012

Morning Walk

Setting off on our morning walk, I have had to move my plants that were hanging due to the wind, they are now on my stairs and still blooming.
 Me and Dolly setting off, we love the leaves.
 A large family of Magpies on the football field.  We have seen a lot of them today so far.
Most of the leaves go green to yellow then brown, so its nice to see some bright red flashes occasionally.
 We took a detour off the park pathway and found a stairway leading into the woods.

 I didn't know we had so much woodland on the doorstep, will definately be walking here more often.
 On the way back a path through the Rosebaywillow herbs, it leads to a small oak tree in a tiny clearing.  This is part of the ares where all the rabbits play and feed.
 You can just about make out the sausage in Dollys mouth, looks like a big cigar.  We stopped at Pat's cafe on the way home.


Logan Nicole Robbins said...

This is cool, I love all the fall colors!

Adel said...

Wow those are lovely sites! I feel refreshed and envigorated!

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Javeria Hamid said...

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