Thursday, 12 April 2012

Cheap hanging baskets

I have been growing seeds in my mini greenhouse which are coming along nicely.  I would like some nice hanging baskets but they are so expensive.  So, today while its sunny, I decided to take a break from moving furniture and unpacking and sorting bla bla...... and made my own hanging baskets.
I know they might look a bit funny, as they are just ice cream tubs.  But, once the plants really start to grow and trail, you won't see the tubs, maybe a flash of blue occasionally.  I think I should have tried a bit harder to remove the ice cream labels though lol.

I also use the bottom of milk cartons and water bottles for individual plants.  This is a close up of my strawberry plants.  (in the first picture you can see pansy's on top of my hutch in milk tubs)

From the side showing my mini greenhouse.   Just in case anyone is wondering what all the blue is; its sheets to protect my things from the rain.  I have a big sheet on top of the hutch as I have my plant pots there and I don't want the hutch to rot.  The rest covers things like my patio set and bike trailer.

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