Friday, 30 March 2012


Spring has arrived and I think its time I updated my blog.  Just a couple of pics to start with.  The first is the view from my new studio/workroom.  It's at the back of my flat and south facing, so its nice and warm and gets the sun all day.  Not a terrific view, but apart from a few houses you can see on the right its all bungalows so you can see quite a distance.  You can just about make out my bird feeders, though I haven't seen any birds on them yet lol. 

On this next one you can see the view of the window from the patio.  I have Hunnys hutch under the window, and I have pots of plants on top.  You can probably just make out my pansies which I am growing in the bottoms of milk cartons. They make nice size pots.  I have a waterproof sheet which I pull down at night to give her cover and the orange blanket it over her bedroom as it has been so cold lately (though not at the moment).
This is one of Hunny and Dolly playing with an empty box.  They both seem to like eating cardboard, weird.  I was told that the dog would kill the rabbit.  Rubbish, they play together, when one or the other has had enough - Hunny goes upstairs into her hutch and Dolly comes in.  Dolly won't let Hunny in the flat and Hunny won't let Dolly in her hutch.
This final one is the view to the front of the flat.  We have a large grassed area edged with trees.  Even though we have a road, its so quiet here.  This is my orchid which I treated myself with.

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