Saturday, 5 February 2011

Graze - nature delivered - not happy

I signed up to Graze, first box free...nice, next two at reduces rate, then after that full price. I signed up...set my selection...placed my first free box would be delivered on 31st January, my half price box on 2nd February. Got the picture?

My box didn't arrive, so I tried to log on to the site but it kept saying my password was it isn't, its the same one I am currently using at work. Tried several times, no luck. How do you contact them, by logging on and leaving a message.. there is no other way!

Thursday 3rd and two boxes arrive! Both containing food I stated I could not eat! Out of 8 selections, 4 a day, I could only eat 5, so I tried to contact them again. I am having problems with my server so cannot receive emails, so in desperation I opened another account in my work email address, left a message to explain who I was, also saying how disappointed I am and to cancel and refund any money they may have taken. They simply emailed back to say I hadn't ordered any boxes???!!! I went to log on to try and speak to them again and guess what?? my password is incorrect!!!! NO WAY!

Checked my bank today and guess what, they have charged me half price for my free box and full price for my half price box. And as my email server is down there is no way I can contact them. What a shit company, who runs a business like that. Nice way to rob people, take their card details and then not deliver what's requested and then charge them when its supposed to be free/half price and keep on charging them for food they do not want and cannot eat!!!!

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carolsquilting said...

I do so love ordering on the internet, but when things go wrong, yes...a number, a person to talk to is much needed. What an irritation. Hope it all gets figured out soon.