Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow, snow, lovely snow!

My poor pond, no doubt the fish are dead, the water is still running on the filter but the rest is frozen.
The roads, just compact ice
Ice and snow on my side window.

Unlike a lot of people, I just love the snow. Its clean, crisp and fresh. The only downside is the Council have not gritted the roads or pavements. Consequently, the roads are just sheets of packed ice, buses haven't been running and other services are disrupted. My little car is snowed in so I can't use it and its just not suitable or safe to cycle.

Snowed in a bit, before digging it out.

Finally cleared to the door, so I can now get out.

I work for the emergency services and I made every attempt to get into work, unlike a lot of people who just moan and complain. I have been up at 5:30 every morning, have my porridge, kit myself out in hiking boots, over-trousers, jacket and fur hat and then along with my hiking sticks I have walked to work, its just over 3 miles and its been taking me one and a half hours each way.
The morning walk is not too nice, its dark, very cold and I have been walking by the road as its the safest. Coming home is much nicer, I cut through the park and its lovely. The canal is frozen and all the wildlife has gone, but its full of people walking their dogs and children on sledges. The low sun casts a lovely glow on the snow, I just love it.

I have been busy this morning, trying to clear the ice off the drive. I have to attend a meeting at work next week and will need my car, so have been digging it out. I was told the battery would probably be flat as its not been out since before Christmas, but it started first time.

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