Sunday, 17 May 2009

Little Moreton Hall

A wet and miserable day, so decided to go for a drive out.  Went to Little Moreton Hall, a place I have always wanted to go but never have.  It's Cheshire's most iconic black-and-white house, they say Tudor skill and craftsmanship at its finest! The top floor is a long gallery, windows all along one side, scarey as the floor slopes but lovely views.
When you approach the house, which is set on a moated island, you go over the bridge into the house and come into a courtyard, which was totally unexpected.

Downstairs seems to consist of many connecting rooms, including a very small chapel which holds a service every day, seats about 10 people max.
Walked around the gardens outside and there is an inscription on one of the beams.
The moat is full of large fish, look like massive goldfish!  I am surprised they haven't been got at by herons!
This is the lovely small knot garden.  And, it didn't rain!

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Scriptor Senex said...

It's years since I've been there - thanks for the reminder.