Friday, 1 May 2009

Gallery Setting Up

Today is my first day in my new Gallery. I arrived early to set everything up, but I was too keen and too early, I had to wait outside until the keyholder arrived, thankfully it wasn't raining.
This is the Elements Gallery at Blakemere Craft Centre.
My pile of work from the car, its surprising how much you can fit in a Smart Car.  Two boxes of framed prints, several canvas's and all the other bits necessary.

I have some more paintings to take down tomorrow.  This is just a temporary set up, I need more chains as they are a bit wonky on one chain.  Also I need a larger table for my postcards, keys and booklets, they are rather cramped on the one I have.  I will also need to take my spare easel and paints, so I can be productive during the quiet periods.

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