Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sefton Park, Liverpool

I did the Pedal it Pink half marathon in Sefton Park today, as I was on my day bike with the basket on the front I was able to take my camera.  Here's a few photo's which show why I love to do my events in Sefton Park.

Me with my day bike, waiting for the start.
Gail, also waiting for it to start.
Formal gardens outside the Palm House.
Peter Pan statue, outside the Palm House.
Part of the stream which runs through the park.

Trees in blossom, beautiful perfume and so nice on such a sunny day.
This is the Palm House, a grade II listed three tier Victorian Glasshouse.  It was restored in 2001.  It's open to the public and they hold events there.
You can even get married in there.
There is a grotto in the park, the entrances have been fenced off with nice gates.  It's just a pity they didn't clean up the inside before sealing it up.  It's got lots of graffiti inside which spoils it, maybe its on their list of 'to do' jobs.


Scriptor Senex said...

I haven't been to Sefton Park for ages - I'd forgotten the stream. Glad you enjoyed your day.

GB said...

I cannot believe it! I visit very few blogs. I comment on even fewer. I happened to see Sefton Park mentioned and decided to have a look. Having spent lots of time in Sefton Park as a child and teenager (and, occasionally, been moved on when the park was used by us young motorists as a place to bring one's girlfriends on dark nights) I decided to comment. what do I find? SS has already been here and commented. One day I'll visit a site and beat him to a comment!

I do remember the stream although the park looks very much tidier than it did when I was last there.

I must pay another visit if I'm ever in Liverpool again.

Thank you and I, too, am glad you enjoyed your day.

I also particularly enjoyed the Dunham Massey photos: I used to live in Lymm.