Friday, 17 April 2009

Sankey Canal

I am doing the Pedal it Pink half marathon bike ride on Sunday along with a work colleague Gail.  As Gail hasn't been on a bike for ages, we went on a ride this afternoon to see how she gets on.  We decided to do the Trans Pennine Trail as its by the canal so mainly flat.  It was a lovely afternoon, but due to previous rain, there was loads of puddles and we both got rather filthy.
We cycled up to Spike Island, a haven for wild birds.

We came across this butterfly in the middle of the path, sunning herself.

These old locks are interesting, they have the depth of the water carved on the stones.  They are not used now and all dried up, but you can still see the roman numerals.

It was fun though, we did a lot of stopping as Gail's saddle is a bit hard for her and she was very uncomfortable.  We even walked for a while and came across several fishermen along the way.  One had caught a Ghost Carp, it was quite big, I didn't think there would be fish that size in the canal.

The view across the estuary to Runcorn Bridge in the distance.
The view across the estuary looking back.

We passed a swan nesting in the reeds.  Making sure we didn't get close enough to disturb her.

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