Sunday, 5 April 2009

Dunham Massey

It'd been a lovely day today, so I decided to go to Dunham Massey, I haven't been there for years.  I think half of Cheshire also decided to go there today too.  There is a lovely Georgian mansion which claims to have a fabulous collection of paintings, furniture and Huguenot silver.  
Unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs inside the house, having said that, there is not much inside I would want to photograph.  I know they have to keep the curtains closed to protect the furniture and textiles from sunlight, but the house inside was so dark and depressing.  It was also filthy, a lot of the inside walls and ceilings could do with a lick of paint.  I am sure when it was occupied, in the old days, it wasn't so drab and dirty.  Anyway, the gardens and grounds are massive and really nice on such a lovely day.
Approaching from the car park, looking at the stables across the moat.
Looking across the moat to the front of the house.
The moat running through the gardens.
Looking back at the house and the orangery.
I think these must have been the outdoor workers houses, probably the Estate Manager or some such high gardening position.  They have deer in the park which must have been managed by somebody at some time.  It was a lovely afternoon.

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Scriptor Senex said...

I haven't been there for years. I left a bit of my bumper on a wooden post in the car park. You didn't notice it lying around did you?

The deer were right by the house and very tame the last time I went. I got some lovely photos.