Sunday, 7 December 2008

Liverpool Santa Dash 2008

Liverpool, Santa Dash with Fiona. This is my decorated suit, with a massive bell on the hat, nearly knocked myself out when I bent down - lol.

Medal, Tshirt and number, finished in a respectable 47:12, we both walked as Fiona had done no training at all and was moaning that her feet were killing her!

Another medal for my bedhead.

The only downside to the day, was Liverpool Council, boy did they let us all down. They said the roads would be closed from 8:30, but there would be ncp and street parking available until then. NO - the roads were closed by 8:05, so you could only park in the Q park or Albert Dock. Our literature stated park for £5, what a rip off. When I left it charged me £6!! So I complained and was told that if I stayed all day I would only have to pay £5.

Q Park is the new car park for Liverpool One, their new shopping centre to rival the Trafford Centre. Well, there is no contest, the Trafford Centre wins hands down...First its totally free parking, whether you go for one hour or all day.....Secondly its all under cover indoors, warm and tastfully decorated. L1 just appears to be streets on two levels, freezing cold with christmas decorations consisting of giant chains!
I will never go there again, and I will never do a Santa Dash in Liverpool again. Its just one big rip off which spoiled the day.

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Scriptor Senex said...

Impressed by all the medals.

I bet if you took the car park to court you'd win your pound back. Not that it would be worth the effort but it really does make one angry. My wife said exactly the same about the Trafford centre v Liverpool1 the other day. It's no contest in her view.

Another example of Liverpool spoiling the ship for a h'porth of tar.