Sunday, 30 November 2008

Cycle Ride

I decided as it was a fresh morning, and no rain, I would go on a bike ride. I went beside the canal which was really nice, the mist rising from the water, all the moorhens and coots running away from me, the ducks just quacking and the swans swimming majestically.  I will post my photos later when I have downloaded them.  Basically I was out for 3 hours and 55 mins and cycled for 26.3 miles!  I got lost as the cycle lanes in Runcorn don't have very good directions, you come to junctions with no direction as to where all the roads lead to.  I finally discovered where I was and started to make my way home.   I was frozen by the time I got home and nearly two hours later I am still cold!  Its funny but apart from my toes I wasn't cold while I was cycling.  
I got a few nice pics some which will be nice painted.   Watch this space as they say - lol.

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