Monday, 21 July 2008

Monkey Forest

Went for a day out to Trentham Monkey Forest, near Stoke on Trent (UK).
The weather was nice an sunny and what an amazing place. You can walk through the forest where all the monkeys are free, not caged. I was taking photographs and one walked right past my legs. The forest is 60 acres and they have 140 Barbary macaques's, all roaming. I took loads of photographs, but will limit them here.

This is one walking across the public walkway.
Down by the stream a group of three one year olds were playing together, they are just like children. One grabs a branch and runs, the other two chase after it. They even try to push each other into the water.

The older ones, still keep watch from the tops of the trees and they also sleep in the trees at night. This one was asleep and looks rather uncomfortable!

Of course the treat of the day, there were two babies, only 8 weeks old. Two males, they are so cute.

If you are in the UK, give them a visit, or visit their website

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