Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What a Day!

I had to go to the doctors yesterday as he had made a mistake on my sick note, he signed me off for 4 weeks, instead of part time hours for 4 weeks, so I had to make an appointment to see him to change it. My appointment was at 10:15 and at 11:00 I was still waiting, it doesn't help your stress levels sitting in the waiting room for nearly an hour, especially when baby clinic is on and you can hear all the poor babies crying as they are injected with their vaccinations. When I finally go to see him I was in and out in two minutes!! I got home to find that I had missed a delivery, but they delivered to my neighbour. I went round and they had gone out. So I spent the afternoon, cleaning out my pond and popping back and too to see if they had returned.
It was my embellisher machine - yippeee!! I have read so many blogs about them and seen such wonderful work, I just had to try and get one. I found a company that sells them at a good price, so was thrilled to find I could just about afford one.
I played around for a bit on some scraps, then cut my felt to postcard size and started on my first postcard. Mmmm, people came home, but I don't remember having dinner last night. My postcard was designed from one of my blue and white china pieces, well that was the basic idea. I found a site that shows how to draw koi carp on the pc and used that for my fish. This is where its up to at the moment, I am unsure at this time whether to leave it as it is or do some more work on the fish (yes, and obviously back it etc).

Got up this morning, made my cup of tea and just looked into my workroom - big mistake. Next minute the embellisher was on and I was playing around with Emily plays Pop. I have discovered that you can pull the fabric back off if you don't like what you have done, unless you are working on satin and trying to pull off silk fibres, the satin just rip's, so I have had to add patches. Unless its because I have coloured the satin, the fibres go through to the back and can be seen, but don't seem to have come through to the front where I wanted them, so I have added them to the front. Its now a mish mash mess - lol. I have ordered a book from The Thread Studio, can't wait to read it and find out what else I can and cannot do.

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