Friday, 6 June 2008

My Garden

Once again it has been too hot to spend time indoors. My garden was overgrown and looking a bit of a mess so it was well overdue a tidy up. I like a wild garden, no prim neat lawns and borders for me.

We have just got some more fish for our little patio pool. Tiny koi carp, in a lovely yellow colour. They go nice with our shibunkins (not sure of the spelling of those), which are a mottley black.

My daughter wanted sunflowers, so I planted a load in small pots, the roots were coming through so as a temporary measure I put them in the garden. I really must move them sometime as they are in front of our garden pond in the lawn!!

My friend Shirley came down yesteday and we had a really busy day, clearing old growth and rubbish. We moved the wisteria from a patio pot where it was getting root bound, down to the bottom of the garden where the tree has been overtrimmed. It didn't do well this year, which is not really surprising. Hopefully it will climb up the tree and look really good next year.

I love these alliums, so do the bees.

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