Thursday, 12 June 2008

Catch up in the garden.

Finally finished cleaning out my pond, there was about 10 inches of silt at the bottom, yuk!. Anyway, took the fish out and lifted the lining out as it was easier to hose down and scrub, and there were masses of frogs, all different sizes living underneath it! There were frogs jumping everywhere and our big fat toad slowly climbing out of the pit. Its all clean now and we have decided just to put the koi in and leave the goldfish in the patio pool.
This is my cat Puss, found as a starving stray with kittens. She is so friendly but still very nervous and doesn't like men at all.

If you have read my comments you will see a comment from Fi about a bean. Well this is it. She had it in her sunny porch, dried to almost a crisp and looking nearly dead. I rescued it and put it in my sunflower patch, where it is clinging to life and doing well.

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